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We are committed to working with you to give you the results you're looking for. We are proud to treat every guest to a world-class experience. We will always explain the products we use and why we chose them specifically for you, so you can create your look every day in between visits.

  • We are a level price barbershop, so some of our service providers have different price points. Our barber stylists earn promotions based on their demand of time.


Signature Haircut + Style (starting at $38)
The ultimate grooming experience for the man who needs to de-stress and look his best. Includes the barber haircut, a relaxing shampoo with an invigorating hot towel on the face, light face massage, and then styled to perfection.
Barber Haircut (starting at $30)
Get in with a haircut and style including a straight razor finish on the neck with a steaming hot towel on the back of the neck.
Children 12 + Under Barber Cut (starting at $30)
Just for 6-12 years old. All the elements of The Barber Haircut. Where young men are concerned, we ask that they be old enough to sit in the barber chair, unaccompanied, and sit still for the entire length of the cut.
Head Shave (starting at $34)
Head shave with a straight edge blade with a composition hot-towel ritual.
Express Grey Blending (starting at $42)
This gray blending service brings a natural and youthful look to hair and sideburns in just 10 minutes. How easy is that?


Wet Beard Trim + Shave (starting at $30)
Experience the ultimate beard care with our wet beard trim. Our expert barbers use precise techniques to shape and refine your beard to your desired look. The service includes an invigorating hot towel ritual, detailed grooming on the cheeks and neckline for a sharp, clean finish, and is completed with a touch of our premium beard balm. Perfect for the man who wants to look his best.
Full Face Shave (starting at $34)
Beginning with the application of several hot towels and pre-shave oil to prepare the skin, followed by a rich moisturizing shaving lather. The face is then shaved with a straightedge blade, followed by more hot towels. More lather is applied for a second shave if needed, then more hot towels and finally ice cold towels are applied to close the pores. The finishing touch is a soothing after- shave lotion and a splash of after-shave tonic.


Barber Haircut + Wet Beard Trim (starting at $49)
The ultimate grooming experience for the man who needs to de-stress and look his best. This service includes all the elements of a classic barber haircut, enhanced with a beard shape-up. Utilizing a blend of expert barbering techniques, we help you achieve your desired beard and facial hair look. The experience is finished with an energizing hot towel ritual, precise detailing on the cheeks and neckline for that crisp line, and a final touch with one of our premium beard balms.
Barber Haircut + Full Face Shave (starting at $63)
This is the ultimate treatment for any man: Included with The Men's Haircut and The Deluxe Hot Shave.