Redlan's Gentlemen's Grooming Predicts: Men's Haircut Trends for 2024

With a new year comes new hair trends, and at Redlan's, we're excited to share our predictions for the men's haircut trends of 2024. Trends, as we know, often cycle back, bringing with them a sense of nostalgia and freshness. While some styles may feel familiar, there's always a contemporary twist. After the dominance of mullets and burst fades in 2023, let's delve into what's on the horizon for 2024.

Crew Cut: Timeless Sophistication

The crew cut has emerged as a highly sought-after look in barbershops and salons. Slightly longer than a buzzcut, it's a timeless style that we believe will stand the test of time. Ideal for those with angled features, the crew cut is versatile enough to suit all face shapes with personalized tailoring. The beauty of this style lies in its low-maintenance nature – no styling required, just regular visits to the chair to keep it looking fresh. For a crew cut, we recommend using texture paste or matte pomades. Consult with your Redlan's barber stylist to find the best products for your hair and lifestyle.

Pompadours and Quiffs: Modern Elegance

Classics never go out of style, and pompadours and quiffs are making a strong comeback in 2024. However, there's a contemporary twist – these hairstyles are softer, with a subtler and more undone appearance. The emphasis is on achieving a look that is less 'styled' and polished and more effortlessly cool. Matte pomades work wonders for these styles, providing shape and texture with a natural finish. The Redlan's touch leans towards traditional styles, so expect a recommendation for a shine pomade if you prefer a classic, polished look.

Side Partings: The Sophisticated Touch

In the world of 2024 trends, side partings are making a notable appearance, influenced by the resurgence of old-money elegance. For clients seeking a sophisticated yet subtle change, experimenting with a side parting is a great option. This styling choice not only adds a touch of refinement but also enhances volume – pair it with a pompadour for a suave finish.

Rock n' Roll Inspired Hair: Continuing the 90's Vibe

The 90's resurgence continues into 2024, with rock n' roll-inspired hair taking center stage. Mullets, reminiscent of the '90s, are making a comeback but with a modern twist – shorter and sharper. Pixie-inspired cuts with texture and choppiness are also on-trend, providing a fresh take on a classic look. Effortless styling is key here, with spray wax, salt sprays, & hair grooming tonic adding definition and edge to these dynamic styles.

At Redlan's Gentlemen's Grooming, we're committed to keeping you at the forefront of style. Whether you're embracing the timeless crew cut, the elegance of pompadours and quiffs, the sophistication of side partings, or the edginess of rock n' roll-inspired hair, our barber stylist are here to make your 2024 style vision a reality. Schedule your appointment today and let Redlan's redefine your look for the new year!