How to Find the Right Barber for You

At Redlan's Gentlemen's Grooming, we understand the importance of finding the perfect barber. We know that it can be a challenge to locate a barber who can understand your style, preferences, and vibe. For many men, finding the right barber can be just as crucial as their wedding day or the birth of their child. That's why we are here to offer some tips on how to find the perfect barber in your area.

One of the best ways to find a barber who specializes in the type of haircut you want is by using Instagram. Many barbers use this social media platform as their portfolio, showcasing their skills and abilities. When searching on Instagram, it's essential to look for barbers who have experience in your desired haircut and work with your hair type. Use hashtags such as #BoiseBarber and ensure to check the geo-location symbol to find barbers in your area. However, it's crucial to be wary of edited pictures that may not accurately represent the barber's work. Instead, look for candid photos that show real-life work.

At Redlan's Gentlemen's Grooming, we believe that finding the right barber is not just about getting a haircut. It's about building a long-lasting relationship with someone who understands your style and needs. By using Instagram and searching for specific hashtags and candid photos, you can find the perfect barber in your area. Remember, investing time and effort into finding the right barber can make a huge difference in your grooming routine and overall style.

Method Number 2:

• Ask People:

Asking people for recommendations is a straightforward way to find a good barber.

If you see someone with a great haircut that you like, ask them who their barber is. Most people are happy to share this information and provide unsolicited endorsement. This type of recommendation is valuable because it comes from regular people who are not being paid or sponsored to promote a product.

When asking for recommendations, it's important to consider your own hair type and style. Look for people who have a similar hair type to yours and ask as many people as possible. If someone's name pops up more than once, it's a good sign that they are a talented barber. However, keep in mind that not every talented barber will have the time to take on new clients, so they might not be able to service you. In this case, ask the barber who they would recommend, as they are likely to give you a good recommendation to protect their own reputation.

Method Number 3:

• Go into a good-looking shop

Choosing a good-looking barbershop can be a reflection of your personality and the type of service you want. There is no one-size-fits-all barbershop, as some have a hip hop vibe while others have a more classic and old school feel. Find a shop that matches your preferences and go there.

When you enter the shop, take a look at the aesthetics and ask a few specific questions to the front desk person. Ask if the owner is a barber, as they are likely to have hired talented staff who meets their high standards. Also, ask who the busiest barber is, as this can be an indication of their popularity and talent. Keep in mind that the busiest barber might have a waiting list, but it's worth it if you want the best service. If they are too busy, ask them who they would recommend, or ask the front desk person, who should have an idea of the type of work each barber excels at.

Method Number 4: Online Reviews

Redlan's Gentlemen's Grooming understands that finding the right barber can be a challenge, but there are various ways to make it easier. One method that is highly recommended is to look at online reviews. There are many different places to find online reviews for barbers in your area, such as Google, Yelp, and various booking apps. You can also check out different barber shops' websites to see what people are saying about them.

When reading online reviews, we suggest looking for reviews that fall between two and four stars. While five-star reviews are great, they may not always be genuine, as people tend to give their friends and family members five-star reviews. Conversely, people may give one-star reviews if they had a negative experience or had a bad day. Looking at reviews that are in the middle can give you a more reliable sense of what to expect.

When reading reviews, we recommend paying attention to any specific barber names that come up frequently. This can help you find a barber who does the type of work that you prefer. Additionally, you may want to check if the shop or barber has won any awards. While awards can be a sign of talent, it's important to ensure that the award is legitimate and reputable.

However, it's important to take online reviews with a grain of salt. Some people may leave negative reviews simply because they had a bad day or experienced miscommunication. Additionally, some people may be deeply negative and leave negative reviews for many different things. Therefore, Redlan's Gentlemen's Grooming advises customers to consider online reviews as a helpful tool but not the sole determining factor in choosing a barber.

Method Number 5: Trial and Error

While not the most popular method, trial and error is still an important part of finding the right barber. Sometimes, the only way to know if a barber is a good fit is to try them out. Of course, this can lead to disasters, but it's a learning process, and not everyone will get the haircut of their dreams on the first try.

To optimize this method, clear communication is key. Don't say "do whatever you want" just to be polite; instead, walk into the shop with a clear idea of what you want and communicate that clearly to your barber. Try to avoid using technical terms if you're not 100% sure what they mean, as this can lead to misunderstandings. Speak like a regular person and be as clear as possible.

Another great tip is to bring in a picture. Pictures can communicate much better than words, and barbers are never insulted when you bring in a photo of the hairstyle you want. Be aware that you may not end up looking exactly like the photo, but it can still serve as inspiration for the barber to take your hair in a similar direction.

If your barber is invested in the outcome and wants to communicate with you to make sure you're on the same page, that's a great sign. It means they care about the final result and want to make sure you're happy with your haircut. If, however, you don't feel like your barber is listening to you or doesn't seem to care about whether or not you'll like the final result, don't let them start the haircut until you feel confident in their abilities. Once the haircut has started, you're stuck with it, and there's no amount of complaining that will get you out of paying for it.

When going for a trial and error approach, it's also important to dress in a manner that's consistent with your usual style. This can give the barber an idea of who you are and what your overall style is like. Every great haircut should be a part of your style and help you express yourself outwardly. The clothes you wear can say a lot about you, so make sure you're wearing something that accurately reflects your style and attitude.

Method Number 6

• Finding a good beard barber

• This has more to do with bearded gentlemen.

This is a just a general guidelines for guys with beards that I had to include into the blog.


Finding a good beard barber is absolutely essential for guys that have a manicured style of beard. It is something that is very precious to guys, even more so than their haircuts. Finding a barber that is confident and is able to trim a beard in a manner that you like it, it kind of encompasses all of these methods.

So, how do you find a good beard barber? Here are some general guidelines that we recommend:

1. Look for a barber in your area: Start by doing a quick search for barbershops in your local area. Check out their websites or social media pages to see if they specialize in beard grooming or have experience working with beards. Instagram is a great resource for this, as you can see examples of their work and the types of beard shapes they create.

2. Ask other guys with great beards: If you see a guy with a great looking beard, don't be afraid to ask him who his barber is. It's a compliment and most guys are happy to share. You might even strike up a conversation with a fellow bearded brother and make a new friend.

3. Look for a barber with a beard: When you visit a barbershop, keep an eye out for a barber who also has a beard. This is a good sign that they understand the importance of proper beard grooming and have personal experience in maintaining a well-groomed beard. It's not a guarantee, but it's a good place to start.

4. Read reviews: In the age of the internet, it's easy to find reviews of barbershops and individual barbers. Look for local beard forums or groups on social media and see who other guys recommend. There's usually someone who stands out from the rest.

5. Trial and error: Finally, don't be afraid to try out a few different barbers until you find one that you feel comfortable with. Be clear about what you're looking for and don't be afraid to ask questions or give feedback. A good barber will listen to you and provide advice based on your personal preferences and the type of beard that you have.

Remember, finding the right barber is an important relationship and it's worth putting in the effort to find someone who can help you achieve the look you want. We hope these tips are helpful and that you find the barber of your dreams. At Redlan's Gentlemen's Grooming, we're always here to help with any grooming questions or needs you may have.