There are a lot of myths out there about growing a beard. Let's break down the most common ones.

Myth #1: Shaving makes it grow back quicker

Reality: All shaving your beard does is get rid of your beard. There’s no scientific evidence that proves shaving makes hair grow back faster or thicker. Only time and genetics do that.

Myth #2: Beard growth oils work

Reality: Beard growth oils, serums, and pills are not backed by science and are the beard equivalent of male enhancement pills. Don’t fall victim to them. However, there are vitamins like biotin that will help improve the health of your hair, but they won’t change your genetic capabilities.

Myth #3: Beards are too hot for the summer

Reality: Beards help block UV rays from your face and wick away sweat, creating a cooling airflow.

Myth #4: Beards itch

Reality: It is normal to have some beard itch during the early stages of growth, but this goes away quickly. Beards, in general, are not itchy, and itchiness is more indicative of a grooming problem.

Myth #5: Beards are dirty

Reality: You may have read about beards containing trace amounts of fecal matter. Well, nearly everything contains trace amounts of fecal matter. Use a Beard Wash to keep your beard clean. Problem solved.

Myth #6: Bigger is better

Reality: The best beard for you is the one you can grow and that you love having. Your beard is not indicative of your masculinity.